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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Is Coming! Spring Season!

Hellooo! How is everybody? Happy Valentine's day and Chinese New Year! too late! Sorry.. :P
Actually, I'm going to give you a project in February.. But, I don't have enough time to write in this blog.. So maybe later.. :)

SPRING BREAK!!! Yayy! Yesterday is my last day of school, and next week full is holiday! And I'm going to dentist next Monday, and something new will appear on my teeth for 3-4 years.. (You know?) :)

Last Thursday, I baked a batch of cupcakes for BakeSale in my school. And I thought Easter cupcakes must be great! Yes it's true, the cupcakes was sold out. I'm glad everybody like it. The cupcakes were sponge cupcakes topped with American Buttercream (Very sweet, and grainy texture) and decorated with mini pastel egg candy and pearl jimmies.

Anyway.. Today I made ombre modern cake.. Ombre is popular now.. Do you know what ombre mean?
Actually, I already made several ombre, ruffled ombre cake and modern ombre cake.. I will talk about it later.. Maybe next week.. :):D

Big Smile,
Ivan :D:D