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Monday, April 23, 2012

Christmas @ Jakarta!

hello everybody! I'm very tired! Macarons order from my friends makes me so hard working! I happy because they love it. Last week I had Macarons order, and cupcakes order. For this week, I have cupcakes order, Red velvet cake order, and alot of sweet bucket for Arvian's 14th Anniversary (Arvian is one of my favorite Baking and Decorating supply Shop in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia). My Friend order it for arvian. What a big surprise!  Every Bucket is different, there is macarons (french), Cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes! They all in Garden themes! How cute is that? yes, and I should make them all day! haha

Okey,.. Today I want to tell you about my last Christmas in Jakarta! You know what? I bake alot of cupcakes and bring them and my tools (Wilton color, tools, tappits, cutter, fondant, etc). Don't you think I'm crazy? hahaha. Then I decorate them on my Daddy's new apartment, the apartment is sooo cool, Modern, and good looking. My parent is good on designing. My mom has a good sense of decorations.
Back to Jakarta,.. :D I warm up a litte bit on microwave my cupcakes that have been out from fridge, then I start stiring my frozen buttercream (everything FROZEN ! hahaha), then, using my offset spatula, I start frosting the cupcakes lightly. Then I roll out my fondant using my texture mat, cutter, tools and else to making Christmas theme Cupcakes. 

This is what they looks like..  

See you later!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Parent's 20th Wedding Anniversary! (2011)

Hello again!.. Today I try to make cake pops, and they come out really good.. I will make a post about my cake pops later, oke? :D

Okey, today I want to tell you about my Project.. Actually this project is my first project (hehe, I'm sorry!). I made this for my parent's anniversary. I was so excited until I forgot my parent's anniversary. I prepare all things to made this project on my final test week on my school, because I thought it will be on that month, but I'm totally wrong! My parent's anniversary is on the next month. oh my GOD! I'm so stupid! Bdw, this is what they looks like,,.. :)
I made them all helped by servants. The box part is handmade, kinda scrabbook.. :D And the cupcake Pop up, I designed by my self. Pretty easy, simple design. All of these was inspired by Moulin Rouge and Marilyn Monroe , these two are so awsome! For the cupcake, I using red velvet recipe and decorate with fondant and cute lips decorations.

Red velvet is kind of cake that have really beautiful red color with usually cream cheese frosting.
The traditional recipe was using beet as their red color, but now, people (and me) are using food coloring to get deep red color. Red velvet is undescripable flavor. There it a little bit chocolate taste in there. You should try sometimes.

This is what I made for my lovely customers.. :D
Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream cheese frosting! :9

Fact about Red Velvet,
..., Long ago, a women ate “red velvet cake’ in a restaurant and she liked it very much. She asked for the recipe and the restaurant promptly sent the recipe to her. She got furious when she received the recipe that she asked for; do you know why? She was charged $100 for asking this recipe. You know what she did? She sent this recipe as chain mail to hundreds and thousands of people she knew as revenge. Ha ha ha…
 Copied from

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!
Bye2! :*
Ivan,.. :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fresh Strawberry and Cream Cheese!

I don't know why, when I made draft of this post for post it tomorrow, Its gone, because I post it using my Blackberry or iPad.. Don't even try this! Its wasting my time! okey, bdw, I rewrite this post just for all of you, I still want to hear your cooment about my post.. :D

Hey! What do you think if you imagine there is strawberry and cream cheese? yes ! Its Strawberry Cheese Cake! A couple week ago, I made this beautiful cheesecake with my friends, Jeffry and Echa. Jeffry is my friend since in Primary School. His is funny, with his funny face, Funny jokes, and everything Funny for him. And Echa is my Friend that love to cook like me.. (give me 5 Echa! haha:D)

Okey, This is what we made..

We made the crust from crushing Marie Biscuit (available in Indonesia, but you can also use another biscuit or cracker like Graham Cracker) mixed with sugar and melted butter ( don't use margarine! trust me! ;) ). We packed them up to oiled springform pan, chilled then bake it for about 10 minutes for give a better aroma and taste. For the filling, we use FULL FAT cream cheese (don't use light! it will change their consistency, it will come out runny!) mixed with Lemon vanilla sugar (I will talk about it later, ok? ;) ), eggs, Vanilla Caviar (seeds of Vanilla bean) and lemon. It bake about 45-60 minutes. And for the topping, We put medium size fresh strawberry on the cooled cheesecake, then pour over the strawberry glaze. For making the strawberry glaze, We crushed fresh strawberry, then mix it with some water, sugar and Corn starch, then bring it to boil with stirring constantly. Pretty easy huh? hahaha :D.. We had a great time baking together..

What do I do for crushing this biscuit or cracker? I used my new food processor that I bought my self after I had enough money (actually, I bought this food processor as a give for me, because I want to appreciate my hard work on some birthday project, Thanks God.. :D). Its help a lot, just dump it all in the food processor, and pulse, pulse, and pulse! Yey! Done! haha.. But, of couse you can put it in plastic bag or zip lock bag, and use your rolling pin to crush them up.. :)

See ya!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My First Project! On August 2011..

Yey! Hi everybody! There is still nobody comment on my post, beside my friend, Audria that have a beautiful fashion blogspot.. I love to hear what all of you think about my post.. :D I love to hear everything! ;)
Okey, today I want to tell you about my First Project about 1 year ago (8 month ago actually, :P).
My first project is my little Cousin (girl) Princess Birthday. She is really girlish. She said, she want to be a Princess when she older (hahaha! :D). Yeah, its okey, and her mom (my auntie) ordered for Simple Cupcakes for giveaway on her daughter Birthday besides giving them souvenirs.

She ordered Vanilla Cupcake with simple topping and decoration. I made simple cake that only basic ingredient (butter or magarine (preferably butter), sugar, eggs, and flour (self raising)) mixed with colourful jimmies topped with colored Swiss Meringue Frosting that I piped on the cupcakes using big star tip, then for a little decorations, I made some flower using fondant.
look how smooth it is!

Then I put them on my beautiful cupcakes tier that have been decorate with clay flowers and cute princess figurine.

That's all, She love it. I know, looks at that little princess, they are so cute!

Fact about egg!
  • China produces the most eggs, at about 160 billion per year. In the US, about 65 billion eggs per year. 
  • A hen can lay about 250 eggs per year. 
  • There are 150 species of chicken. A rooster is a male, a hen is a female, and they are both chickens.
  •  Eggs usually can last six to 8 weeks if refrigerated. To find out if eggs are bad, you can always use the "float" test. If they float in salt water, they are bad, or crack one open and the smell will tell.
 Copied from

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome Home MOM and DADDY.. :D

This is what my mom gave to me when she just arrived from airport.. (Cute Cake Pops!)
Today my mom and dad has been come back from US! I was so excited! Yes, mom and dad always bring something that really makes me happy! Souvenirs, baking ingredient, books, cloth, food coloring, and many more!
My first sister get her nail stuff, she really love nail polish. And my second sister get her scrap book stuff, she love scrapbooking. And they both get body things like lotion, body mist, etc. And I get my baking stuff, decorating stuff, baking books, cloth, candy, etc. I love it! ;) (thank you mom and dad.. :*)

I will show you what do a get from my parent..
Fruit by the food candy, marsmallow book, Food coloring,etc!

Cake Pops book, Vanilla and almond extract, Cake pop silicon pan, PECAN, and hand gel!
Food coloring, papercup, Sugar pearl!
Look at this beautiful Books! love it! 

Look at this Disney t-shrt! LOVE it! I love Mickey! and look that cute american mini stapler!

That's all.. I really enjoy this moment, when my mom and dad bringing again some happiness and love to me and my sister. I think they know how to make their kids ALWAYS happy.

Ivan.. <3

PINK Bow Cake!

Hey! Last Tuesday my friend ordered Pink cake for his friend. Then I have an idea to make it looks like give box. And I made it. The cake was 4 layered vanilla and chocolate spongecake with 16cm in diameter. Each layer was topped with chocolate ganache :9. I made this cake about 8 hours (4 hours yesterday, and 4 hour today). I made the bow using fondant that have been mixed with CMC. DON'T USE IT TOO MUCH! I give them about 1/4 teaspoon for about a tennis ball size fondant, and they break easily! so made another batch of pink regular fondant, then I mix them up. This is what the cake looks like.. :D

What do you think? The flowers in the right side of the cake is made using veiner.. Hello kitty is made using cookie cutter and the bow using silicon mold.. The letter is using FMM Funky tappits.. for making the bow, I cut it using my FMM ribbon cutter.. Hope you love them!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who Love Chocolate?!

Who love Chocolate? hahaha! almost everybody love chocolate. There is White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and another flavor. There is also Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Paste, Chocolate Spread, Chocochip, etc. I always make sure I have enough Chocolate stuff in my little pantry. I made a few cake using my Chocolate Powder and my favorite Dark Chocolate. Let me show you! :D
This is the revolution from my first cupcake (on my 2nd post). Its looks so much better! :D

I topped the Cupcakes with my Beautiful Chocolate Ganache! :9
This Filling is absolutely yummy! Its soft in room temperature and easy to piped!
Yeah! That is my expression looks like at the first bite on this "Fake Macarons".. Its tasted so good and soft creamy! :9
This is my favorite sweets right now! French Macarons!
This Macarons shells was made by put some cocoa powder to the macarons batter. I filled with my delicate chocolate ganache!

You can see, if almost the thing that I made from chocolate is chocolate ganache! Yes its true! I like the consistency of it and the sweetness of the cocoa blended with a little bit bitterness.. Its a perfect combination! ;)

Fun Fact about Chocolate!
  • Chocolate is poisonous to dogs (and other domestic animals). The Theobromine found in chocolate is a stimulatant, and can be too much for small animals.  
  • It's true! Chocolate is The Food Of The Gods. Cacao beans come from a tree that is a species of the genus Theobroma, which translated is food of the gods
  • Almost half the world's chocolate is consumed in America. (really? haha)
  • The popular belief that chocolate causes acne is a myth.
  • The largest chocolate bar ever manufactured was in Italy in 2000. The bar had a weight of 5,000 lbs. (woow!)
 This fun fact is helped by my best friend ever, Mr. GOOGLE! hahaha.. Hope you enjoy it!

Sweetly, Ivan..

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey my little sweeties!

Hello every body! I'm back! Today I want to tell you all about my favorite sweets! Its FRENCH MACARONS! Yumm! They are cute and very sweet! Every body loved them! I love to make them. Its complicated, but I learn something on my mistakes (5 times failed, hahaha) .. They are made from almond powder, egg whites, and sugar. Very basic. They only can made on sunny day. Humid can disrupt everything. I will post couple photos of my first and second time trying Macarons on Libby's American Brownies and Igor's later. 
And this is my French Macarons! :9
Vanilla shell with Caramel filling..
This is what happen if made them on rainy or humid day..
They don't have any "feet" and they have a very thin shell..
Is there anyone love to Macarons? or Try to bake them but failed? Let me know, and I will try to help you. I will post again another my favorite Macs Flavor , hope you love them!

Regards, Ivan..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Chocolate Cupcake Journey..

Around November to December 2010, all the magic begin! I attracted to a Food Magazine that has a Chocolate cupcake cover. Before that, I like to cook fried rice (my favorite food most), but it's doesn't taste good. Cupcake is my first experience to bake. 
My first journey,..
After I bought the magazine, I'm looking for the chocolate cupcake recipe inside the magazine. I found it! The recipe confusing me that time. What is medium protein flour? What is unsalted butter? Is it Blueband (well-known brand of margarine)? What is baking powder? Is it same with baking soda? and many more. Then, I with mom went to Bakery Supply shop. My mom is not a baker, so I'm looking for my ingredient by myself. I asked the shopkeepers to help me find my ingredient. Finally, I got it! 
Then, I went home, and tried to make them. The first step called, "mix in butter, caster sugar, egg, and salt". How can I do that? Then, I had a good idea! Using my Blender! (I don't have mixer that time :D). I put it all in one, then pulse, pulse, and pulse until all come blended. Bad idea? I don't thing so :P, it's unforgettable experience! After that, the third steps, "pour the melted chocolate over the batter". How to melt this big piece of chocolate? I read the steps to melting chocolate. Double boiler technique! Do you know what I do? I put a sauce pan with a little water, that put a little bowl inside, and than put my bigger bowl on the little bowl with a little piece of chocolate. Its sound very complicated right? hahaha.. that happenings. Yeah, finally, I melt my chocolate! Then I pour over the batter and mix in some chocochips (yumm :9), I'm ready to go. I bake them on my family big gas oven, and its burn. I set the oven to normal and broiler, the recipe called to bake for 20 minutes, but in my case, 10 minutes is already made them burn. Its not look like what I expected. Then I tried to bake them on my family little oven.. After 20 minutes, its half way cooked, then, 10 minutes later, Its finally done! I tasted them, and yum! My sister and my parent love them! I feel so happy that time. 
This is the result after a few weeks! A little bit bad looking huh? :D
 Hope you enjoyed reading my journey. I'm sorry for my bad grammer!

Hello my new Blogspot!

Hi from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia! My name is Vincentius Ivan Wongso.. I love to eat, bake, and decorating , specially for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and etc.. I was born in Surabaya, East Java on 18th January 1998. I live in a beautiful family. I have 2 older sisters that look "smaller" than me. 
Left to Right : Amy (my oldest sister), Me , and Melissa (my second sister)
And I have a parent that care a lot to me and support me what ever it is (positive things, of course :D).
My Daddy with my Mom on his 46th Birthday on 3rd March 2012
That's all about me, so far.. I will come back as soon as possible! see ya! :D