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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amazing Trip to Singapore with Garuda Indonesia..

Hello! How is everybody? I'm good, and feeling very good B) because today I'm going to tell you my Amazing experience in Singapore. I went to Singapore last year before new year until early this year. Last month, I also went to Singapore for medical purposes. Singapore is the best place for everything, from medical to Indian, Malay, and Singaporean Cuisine and Shopping, especially if you fly with the one and only Garuda Indonesia. :):)

Did you remember my trip to Singapore last year? Winter Season! Christmas Cupcakes! Today, I'm going to continue my experience. It was a very good holiday because I lived in Hardrock Hotel near Universal Studio in Sentosa Island and ended my holiday in Costa Victoria Cruise...
Family Picture..
Cruise Emergency Practice..

Since I lived in Sentosa Island, I went to Universal Studio. I'm so Happy! because I got more medallions! In every amusement park like Universal Studio, Disneyland, Dream World, Sea World, etc around the world, you can made Penny Medallion! I'm collecting it. I have hundreds of medallions from Singapore, Japan, Australia, Europe and America. Are you one of medallion collector? Lets trade!

Beside collecting medallion, usually I buy turkey's drumstick. You know, the giant turkey's leg that make you feel like a Flint Stone. hahahaha.. but I did't buy it there due to the heavy rain that ruined everything. Thankfully, the rain last for about an hour. So I still had time to play many rides including Mummy, Galatica and Jurassic Park.
With Express Pass on hand, I play both blue and red track for less than 30 minutes!
Kung-Fu Panda in Hollywood..
Far Far Away!

3D Ride, Mummy I guess?

Cupcakes and Cookies in New York..
Me, my Sister and my Cousins..

I also went to Candylicious, Singapore's Chocolate dream maker. Hersey, Nutella, peanut butter cups, Jelly Beans, M&M in spectrum color and many more. I bought Hersey's chocolate chips and many weighted candies. My mind was thinking about thousands ideas to make something sweet even sweeter with those candy. My little cousin was having fun with sour sand candy. He is so funny, the way he teach his sister is very cute!
My brother teaching his sister.. ;)
Me and my Sister posing in front of Candylicious..

Every time I go to Singapore, I always go to Mustafa in Little India. This time, I went there with my family and bought lots of things. My Mom always buy raisins and other snack, my Dad looking for interesting stuff there, and my Sister always look for healthy snack like low calories bar, etc. There, I always buy my imported ingredients like: brown sugar (in Indonesia they sell the substitute "Palm Sugar" that taste little bit different), powder food coloring (for Macarons), flavoring, chocolate chips, and many more. Beside buying those ingredients, I also loves to look at the packaging there. It gives me inspiration! One hour is never enough in Mustafa. Everybody busy with their own things, and being lost is usual! hahaha..
Heilala Vanilla, One of my Vanilla Collection now..
Love the vintage design!

Original Indian Samosa! :9

Speaking of India, my one of favorite food is Samosa. I mean Indian Samosa, not the frozen one with lots of vegetables. In Singapore, almost everywhere, I can find very good samosas. Maybe because the cook is Indian. I ate 3 samosas there. :):) yummm ..

Many FUN things to do in Singapore, especially if you fly with Garuda Indonesia! Feel the difference and enjoy.. :D

Feeling excited,
Ivan :)