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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Food Coloring Collection!

Hi! Hope you have a great day. Today is my last final exam, feel like a freedom for me.. hahaha..

Like what I promise you all, I will show you my food coloring collection. But, I always buy a new color when I need it. Example: I need hot pink color for my PINK Bow Cake!, so I always buy new food coloring to get desire color. Sometimes, I mix couple or more of my food coloring to get some new color, Example: to get Green color in my Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!, I mix green color with yellow color to get that beautiful green color.

I some project, like my Rainbow Cake and Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes, I using so many food coloring to get beautiful color. Make sure to not using cheap food coloring to get solid color. Cheap coloring is thinner in consistency, and It can change the consistency of your batter or buttercream and can be also change its taste to bitter. If your want to make pastel color, cheap coloring can be work. Cheap Coloring is not a bad food coloring. What I mean to say is Cheap Coloring has cheaper price, usually thinner consistency, and bad for coloring solid color.

This is my food coloring collection: :D
From Up Left- Right to Down: Food and flavoring color powder(Tan Seng Fong), Wilton's Candy Color, Wilton's Icing Color (Gell food colors), Trans' food color(Malaysia, I think:P), Hakiki food color(local), Toffieco Food Color(local), Diva food color (local, but good quality), Mc Cormick Food color(Give from my parent from USA), Americolor Food color(hot pink :D), Wilton's white-white, and a lot of Wilton's gell food color :D.

I like to use my Wilton's food coloring a lot. In Almost all solid color is get from Wilton color. For Chocolate Coloring, make sure to buy OIL BASED Food Color, or your chocolate will be unusable.
My chocolate coloring is Wilton's Candy color. I bought it online, because there is no local candy (chocolate) coloring in Indonesia. In front of candy coloring (at photo) is White food color. I'm using that to make my Vanilla Macarons whiter, is not really necessary, but, it make a little difference.
The Cheap Color group on the photo is include: Hakiki, Toffico, Trans and Mc Cormick.

Hope my post is helpful for all of you,.. see ya!
Ivan,.. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Mother's day, Mom..

Hi everybody! 2 weeks ago is mother day! And 2 weeks ago, my mom was sick, and should have a bed rest in the hospital. So, I decided to make a rainbow cake for my mother to make her (hopefully) happier. :D

Rainbow cake is a cake with thousand surprise! Rainbow cake is actually a white cake, divided, and colored. Good or best quality food color is make a big different. I'm using my wilton's gell food colors to make this bright and solid color, like in Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!

For the frosting, I'm using American frosting, that is made from eggs whites and hot syrup (water and sugar, boiled until 115 degree Celsius). Then, I piped using a regular round tip. Don't be to detail, they looks fantastic! :)
P.S.: Don't forget to put a wooden skewer in the middle of the cake! 

So, this is what they looks like:

Idea for you: :D
Last week, I found online some imported powder food flavoring. I think about using that food flavoring to flavor my macarons. But, I also think about using it to flavor up my rainbow cake. Isn't it sound fantastic? Each color of the cake has their own flavor. yuuummm! Unique!

Hope you love to read my post,,.. See ya!
Ivan.. ;D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!

Hey everybody! I had 2 project in a week! Awesome! but, I'm so tired! :P

Today, I want to tell you about my cupcakes,.. It was really colorful, with solid color from Wilton Icing Color that I mixed in my buttercream. And for the letter, I'm using fondant with a little CMC powder (hardener), rolled, and cut using plugger and written down the message using brigitte (tool for stamping letters to fondant) and leaved alone for 1 day. For shinny looking (Fabulous!), I'm using pearl luster dust. I love it! Its works so nice and give a beautiful effect that I love! Shinny! B)
This is what they look like:

Love this Red Cherries! :9
What a beautiful color! Wilton colors always is the best choice to get a nice solid colors like that. I'll talk about my food color later,.. :D Updated: Check This Out! ;) My Food Coloring Collection!
Special Grape Cupcakes!
Grape color is using Wilton burgundy icing color with dust of Wilton's gold edible luster dust , leaf using Wilton Kelly Green and to vein the leaf, I'm using Ivy leaves Plunger. The cover part, I ALWAYS using a little bit of red color to get nice pink color, I'm not really love the pink color that made from pink food color, and texture it with texture mat.

That's all! Have a great weekend! :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Vanilla Collection!

hello everybody! Today, I'm going to share with you about my Vanilla!

Almost in every bake food that I made was using vanilla. What is Vanilla? Let's see:
Source: What is Vanilla
Vanilla was discovered by South American Indians long before the Spaniards conquered them in the 16th century and they used it to flavor chocolate.
The Spaniards conquistadors drank chocolate flavored with vanilla at the court of Moctezuma. The Spaniards took home the vanilla and chocolate with them and ever since that time it has been used to flavor confectionery, cakes, biscuits and ice cream.
They also gave the fruit its name: Vanilla – is the diminutive of “vaina” meaning pod.

Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla pods come from a tropical climbing orchid native to Mexico.
The plant bears pale green flowers capable of being pollinated only by a particular bee or a specific humming bird native to Mexico.
Vanilla pods are the unripe yellow pods of this exotic orchid and they are sweated in barrels before being sun-dried and graded.
Highly aromatic vanilla is used in perfumery and for scenting tobacco.

Okey, Let's see what I have:
Left: Vanilla Extract, Front: Vanilla Crystal and Powder, Right: Vanilla Pods Local and Import
It was awsome! Local and import product has an unique flavor and aroma! My Favorite vanilla is my Local Vanilla Pods, I bought it online! It was fat and full of vanilla caviar! My other vanilla is great too,.. Buy good quality or standard vanilla, because it will totally change your baking goodness.. :D
Vanilla Extract in my country is rare, so when I go to other country, like USA, I always buy some vanilla extract beside buying baking things. :P

For my lovely Vanilla Pods, you can get it here


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arvian 14th Anniversary Project!

Wooowww! I'm so tired! What a busy day! My legs and body was hurt, and I want to sleep! hahaha, that exactly what I felt yesterday. I had this order, and I done it in 6 hour! fuuiihh! Almost nonstop!

Okey, today I want to tell you about my first experience of making cake pops. You know on my last post, my parents brought me couple cake pops that realy cute? (Welcome Home Mom an Daddy) They are so cute! It inspiring me to make this cake pops.. :)

My first batch was good. In Indonesia, candy melt are not available, so I'm using White candy Coating in place of candy melt. First thing  that you shouldn't do is using regular food coloring! It destroy everything! The chocolate was crumble and nothing that you can do besides throw it away.. I'm using Wilton candy color that is oil based coloring. Its work so nice and perfect, and it doesn't change their consistency.

For you that really busy, and want to make cake pops, PLEASE buy Cake Mix (in supermarket,etc). They work so nicely. But, you should made you own frosting! I'm using Chocolate devils cake and my Favorite Chocolate Ganache, it blend and made this super chocolaty taste :9

Great! Now, I will show you my last order that bring me so tired,.. This is what they look like:
 What do you think? And this one is the creativity of my sister:

Hope you enjoy it,,
Ivan.. :D