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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas BonBon Cookies! Fun Project!

Hello everybody! Since tomorrow is Christmas, today I have to post this to all of you, so you can make your own BonBon Cookies for happy day tomorrow! :D This cookies was great for gift to someone.. :)

So, my inspiration is from Martha Steward. I watch her cooking video, and I got hooked. And came out with this great cookies (Lemon Cassis Bon Bon Cookie). Today I made this cookies with my friend, Desi. She help me a lot and took many great photos. Thank You! ;)
This cookies was called "BonBon", that is mean "GoodGood". Bon is french for Good. And, this cookies was as good as the taste and looks. I made this cookies with my modification, because of some reason, like I'm using vanilla extract instead of lemon extract because I can't find any lemon extract in Indonesia, and I'm using Sunkist orange zest instead of lemon. For the glaze, Martha's recipe using Cassis (Blackcurrant liquor) but, I prefer using Kirsh essence that taste beautiful! :D

Christmas BonBon Cookie

Ivan Wongso
113gr Unsalted Butter
1/2 cups superfine Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Sunkist orange Zest
1/8 tsp Salt
1 1/3 cups plus 2 tbsp All purpose Flour
3 tbsp Corn Flour
2 tbsp Fresh Milk
3 cups Superfine Sugar
1/4 cup plus 1 tbsp Hot Water
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 tbsp veg oil
1 tsp Kirsh essence or other essence
Food Coloring (I'm using neon color green and pink)
Royal Icing (for decor) :
1 1/2 tbsp Meringue Powder
3-4 tbsp Warm water
225gr Confectioner Sugar

For BonBon Cookies:
  1. Preheat oven to 165 degrees Celsius.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together All purpose flour, Corn flour, Salt and Orange Zest. Set aside.
  3. Using electric mixer (paddle attachment), beat soften butter and sugar until well mixed. Then, with the mixer running on low, gradually add the mixed flour. Continue beating until the the mixed become like sand. 
  4. Add Fresh Milk and Vanilla Extract, and keep beating until formed dough.
  5. On a clean surface, transfer the dough. Cut the dough to 2 equal ball, then make a long log. Cut each log to 14 pieces, so the dough will end up with 28 equal pieces.
  6. Roll each pieces to dome, then place the domes on the pan lined with silpat or parchment paper.
  7. Freeze the dough for about 10-15 minute to help hold their shape.
  8.  Then allowed the pan to come to room temp before put it to oven, about 5 min.
  9. Bake BonBon for 25 minute. The cookie will be white, but the bottom will be golden. 
  10. Take off from the oven and let it cool to room temperature before glaze it.
For Glaze:
  1. In a bowl, sieve superfine sugar to prevent lumps.
  2. Then, add all other ingredient beside food coloring and mix well using whisk. The consistency is thick, but stream when you pour it.
  3. Divide the glaze to 2 smaller bowl, and mix each with food coloring. Mix well.
  4. Using fork and spoon, Glaze the BonBon. Twice glaze each BonBon after all.
  5. Place on the cooling rack fitted with pan for easy cleaning. And let the BonBon dried up.

Using fork and spoon for the glaze..

The Consistency for the glaze..

For Royal Icing:

  1. Using electric mixer, beat all the ingredient using whisk attachment for about 5 minute, until reach the hard peak consistency.
  2. Add more water to adjust the consistency for piping, the using spatula, mix it well.
  3. Put in a piping bag with small round tip and decorate! 

Have fun making this cookie in this great Christmas Holiday or made together with someone.. :D
Enjoy, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ivan :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

TRICK or TREAT!! Surprise Cookies! PROJECT Day!

Halloween is next week! Horray! :D I'm planning to be a bloody pig with knife in my head. Hahahaha.. I'm using my pig mask that I bought in Hong Kong last year and knife headband that I bought in Universal Studio in USA, and blood effect paste that I bought online. Yeahhh, I will look scary! :P Hhahaha.. But its only in my mind. :) By the way, since, traditionally, in Halloween we gave each other treat, so, today are PROJECT day! You will get Recipe and Printable Tag!
UPDATED! This is my Halloween Costume! :P
My sister and me.. :D
Today, I bake 12 pieces Special COFFIN Surprise Cookies! The idea and recipe is came from not martha (Thank You, Megan! :D) She made a beautiful Halloween cookies with beautiful photograph. So, last week, I prepare everything, I bought Halloween cookies cutter Wilton 7pcs (the box is shape like coffin), Wilton Skull sprinkle (I wish I can get the bug like in the not martha, but they don't have it) and everything else (colored sanding sugar, Wilton eye candy, mini candy coating chocolate like M&M). And today, I made this cookies with a little modification. I decided to make 1 shape, because I LOVE the Idea using coffin, and that is why I buy this cookies cutter from Jakarta (Indonesia).

So this is what my TRICK or TREAT!! Surprise Cookies looks like: :D

Since the original recipe is using food coloring, and I found that difficult to get the dark color like I wish, so I modified the recipe by adding chocolate powder. This is the recipe:

Original recipe is from Trick-Or-Treat Cookies for Halloween

1 cup unsalted butter (227grams)
3/4 cup superfine sugar (castor sugar)
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups plus 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
3 tbsp unsweetened chocolate powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking soda

for glue:
1 cup powder sugar
4 teaspoon water or milk

Candy coated chocolate
Colored sanding sugar
Halloween sprinkle and else


  • Whisk together the AP flour, salt, chocolate powder and baking soda. Set to aside  for a while.
  • Using mixer, cream the butter and sugar until all well combined. 
  • Add the egg and vanilla to the creamed butter until well mixed.
  • Then, add the dry ingredient and mix until all well combined.
  • Chill, roll, cut, bake and decorate!
  • Bake in 350 F or 180 C for 10 minutes.
  • For the sugar glue, just mixed the sugar with water a little bit a the time until you get the thick paste
  • Sandwich the full cookie and the center cookie, then fill the hole with candy or other, then sandwich the full cookie as the cover. And let it sit for a while until the glue is dry and strong. 
  • And package the cookies, and print the tag(below) and stick it to the packaging!
I'm using 2 layer of plastic wrap and I put the cookie dough n the middle of it. Then I rolled using 2 different thickness of rolling pin, one about 3 mm and other one about 8 mm. I rolled the dough the chilled. most people chilled the dough then rolled, I found that rolled help a lot time and effort. And I put the rolled dough in frezzer for about 15-30 minute, the dough is ready to easyly cut. For the thick part cookie, make sure the dough is not to firm, because it can make the cookie crack when you cut out the centre. I cut the centre of my cookies using egg shape and circle cookies cutter. Bake all the cut cookies a cold temperature, so the won't spread. If you find that you need browner color, add food coloring. Just remind you, the cookie will come out darker after you bake it.

For finishinig touch, put your cookies in plastic packaging and tied a black or other color ribbon or string or else with this cute PRINTABLE TAG, that I design specially for this Halloween season!

Save the the image, print it in photo paper A4 then cut and punch the hole! And you have the Creative and Cute tag for your Cookie packaging!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween PROJECT season this time! Have a GREAT Halloween Season! ;)

Ivan :P

Engagement Ombre Cake!

Hello everybody! Long time no see! Yes, I'm very busy and tired since this year (2012-2013) I moved school to SIS, Surabaya International School. And, I decided to close my online business for while, maybe about 3 months, so I can focused in my responsibility as a high school student. :D

Okey,.. since today is in service day in my school, I want to show you about my last order, that is Engagement Ombre Cake. Do you know what is ombre? Ombre is gradation color. Some people said, ombre is the popular thing after rainbow, that is very popular now. Anyway, this cake is ordered by my aunt Olivia for her engagement tradition (Chinese, I think :P) that is exchange tray. She asked me to design with 2 layer "real" cake (I mean, not dummy cake) and she want to have 2 fondant figurine of her and her mate. And, with all may creations, I made this cake!

The ruffled idea is came from CAKE COUTURE Books by ANNIE DAM. It was a great book, with step by step amazing decorated fondant cake. I made this cake about 8 hour. 4 hour is made the top part and half of the ruffled plus making and drying the figurine, 4 hour in the next day is finishing the ruffled, making the engagement word and names then paint them and finishing part. 

The ombre color is similar to the flower color (planned). The color is made by the mix of burgundyand red, and there is yellow color that is mixed of yellow and ivory. The other color is mixed by both of them and for the lighter color, mixed with white fondant. The pot (wood) is made by painting of a mixture brown food coloring mixed with food grade alcohol (you can use lemon extract or vodka if you wish). I did that because, I found that brown color is difficult to get by mixing the food color to fondant, like most of case to get deep red and black fondant. The texture of wood is using Makin's Texture sheet. 

For the engagement words, I'm using FMM Funky alphabet and the names are using JEM alphabet. Both are using fondant that mixed by CMC powder to make it strong when it dry. The key of using any detail alphabet tool like FMM is very thin of fondant. The best way to do it is by using rolling pin that have "rings" that you can adjust the thickness of your fondant. If your fondant is not thin enough, it will stick at the tools. There is many tutorial at youtube that really help me to work with this tools. To make the gold color for the words, I'm using gold lustre dust and mixed with a little alcohol, than just brush at the alphabet, if the color is not gold enough, you can brush lightly the dry gold lustre dust to the alphabet, just remember, to much bushing with alcohol can make your alphabeth soggy, but if you have much time, the alcohol will evaporate anyway. :)

And the last thing I want to say is, Congratulation to my aunt and her mate for the Engagement! 

Yeah, that's all I can't share with you today, I you have any question, please, I'll not bite you! :P

Very BIG smile,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Strawberry and Blueberry Cake Give away!

Fuihh! What a busy month! Hello everybody! :D Today, I want to share with you about my Aunt's order to celebrate her birthday by giving each of his friend this elegant mini cake.. :)

Beautiful right?
The cake base is using rainbow cake but only red and purple colored and tasted (using strawberry and blueberry flavoring powder). On top frosting is Classic American frosting, that made from whisking (using mixer) hot syrup (from sugar and water) and stiff whisked egg whites. If you want to made this frosting, you should have candy termometer, and standing mixer with steel bowl, like my kitchen aid :P If you don't have these, you will end up with melted frosting over your cakes! This frosting is really nice and keep in mind, DON'T REFRIGERATED! The frosting will be melt too. So, Don't combine cream cheese frosting for filling and american frosting for covering and decorating.  

For the fence, I'm using mini wafer stick. The elegant efeect on the top of the cake is using malaysian decorating color powder (Tan Sen Fong brand) Pic: My Food Coloring Collection!(4 tall bottle on the back)
It's quite fun to decorated with this malaysian product. Simple, just pour the powder in the middle of the cake, than spin the lazy susan (rotating decorating table), at the same time blow the powder to the side. This process really created a beautiful effect on the cake.

Okey, see you later.. :P Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tired face,
Ivan.. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Batik Cake for my Grandpa!

Hi everybody! Today, I want to tell you about my Batik Cake that I dedicated to my Grandpa.. :3
In my Chinese culture, I usually call my grandpa with "Akong" (Cultural way to call grandpa). My Grandpa is a really nice man, love children, kind and care. My Grandpa is a Batik Seller. Do you know what Batik is? Batik is an Indonesian art of decorating cloth, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. Check This out for more Information about Batik! ;)  What is Batik?

Back to my Grandpa,.. :) Because of his passion and expertness to Batik, I decided to made Batik Cake for my Grandpa. Mmmm, quite difficult. But I made it! The pattern ideas are from my bestfriend, GOOGLE. :P
The idea!
This is what I made: :D

Blue Color is made from teal color, light and dark. I'm using Wilton gel color. Texture on text are made using Makin's Texture mat. Batik shapes are made using W&W brand decoration cutter that available in my country (Indonesia).
Cattleya Orchid Cutter
Thats all! Hope you like it Akong and wish you have a long life with full prosperity and happiness!. :]

BIG hugs,
Ivan.. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

SpongeBob SquarePants Cake!

Weeeewwwww! Long time no see! Couple weeks ago, I had an awesome holidays @ Jakarta then Superteen Camp at Tretes (east Java). In Jakarta, I bought 2 bottle of luster dust, tools, decorations, etc! Yeyy! On the Superteen Camp, I learn to be a successful person and stuffs. :D And, Today, I making SpongeBob Square Circle Cake! WITH Moustache ! :D

This funny cake is ordered by BeatriceNathania for Nadya, her friend. She wondered if I can combined between SpongBob and Moustache, and I think it was a great funny IDEA! :P Then, I got an idea from Google and I edited for my guide to work later.
Edited.. :)

After that, I printed moustache vector, and cut it for my guide to make the moustache on the black fondant.

This is what they look like: :D

SpongeBob Yellow color was made from the mix of lemon and golden yellow with ratio about 3:1. :D 
P.S. Just make sure to put the nose using wooden skewer. :P

Hope you like it Nadya! And Wish you have a blessed day on your Birthday! :]

BIG Smile,
Ivan.. :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dentist Cake for Edo!

Soo busy week. I'm so tired.. >.< And I have a lot of job to do.. And I have a short time to do it.. hahaha.. By the way, today is my first baking course! I teach my participant from bake to decorate cupcakes! I will post about it later..

Who is Edo? Edo my Friend's Friend.. I don't know him,.. But, his friend, Cheryl Gunawan who has a blogspot at de toute beaute, text me, and ask to order a birthday cake. She said, the birthday boy(15 years old) want to be a dentist when he grown up. So She like to order Dentist themed cake. After searching on the internet for a while, I got an idea,.. From that, I change few thing, and make it even more fancy and detail.. :D

This is what they looks like ;)

What do you think? :P
Happy Birthday embross is made using fmm scrip embrosser, texture for tongue is made using makin's texture mat. Tooth, toothpaste, and tools are Hand Made.

Edo, if you read this post, I hope you loved my cake, and I wish you to be a GOOD Dentist! :D

Ivan.. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

David Kirby Birthday Cupcakes!

Hello everybody! I'm super bored. Everyday what I do is wake up, eat, watching TV, and sleep. Maybe, the best thing to do is make a post here.. :P
This week a have an order, and it was so cute! It refers to fondant decorated cake. I will post about it later.. :D

Last year, on November 16, my little Brother (cousin) name David was 7. He love to play games, in his Nintendo DS, Ipad, etc. Last year, He addicted to Kirby. Kirby is an old game that have been renew on Nintendo DS game. Kirby is like a pink ball that can walk, run, jump, float, slide, and inhale, spit out, or devour his enemies.
So, on his birthday, he want to have cupcakes with Kirby on it. Her mom, my Aunty, agreed. And my Aunty ordered from me.

On several idea from internet, I didn't get any idea how can I made kirby on the cupcakes. Then, I did my first experiment on the cupcakes, and BOO! Yes I can.. ;) But, the reason is, I can find any smooth half ball mold on my country, that I found is like wrinkly one, but its made a cute Kirby, I think.. :P

This is what they looks like:

Cute? hahaha.. Tools for made this Kirby deco is flower and star plugger, Makin's Texture mat (Best!), Brigitte keks (for making small letter like "DAVID" on the cupcakes), cookie and decorating cutter, and rotary tool (I don't know what its called, but it used for make a stitch look on "DAVID" label on the cupcakes), etc. Labels are designed by me. Simple design and great on the packaging!
The cake is dummy cake. I made it using homemade clay. Its great but can shrink. After that, I spray it using clear pilox (spray paint) to make it glossy looking. 

Hope you love my post and see ya!
Ivan.. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shannon Minnie Birthday Cupcakes!

Hi! What a beautiful day.. And I want to tell you about my little cousin (girl) birthday on 12 March 2012. She is 6 now, and her name is Shannon. She is pretty and talkative. Then, Why she choose Minnie? She said her teacher often call her as Minnie so do her friends in school. So, she decided to be a Minnie and would love to have a Minnie cake and cupcakes for her birthday. Her mom, my aunty, ordered Minnie theme cake (dummy) and cupcakes from me, and this is the 2nd time she made an order with me after her son Kirby Birthday Cupcakes (I'll post it another time;)) updated on 16 November 2011.
"Minnie" Shannon, her friends and Minnie cake and cupcakes!
Look! Minnie or Minnie? :P
Lets look closer to the cake and cupcakes!

 Cute right? Minnie and Mickey's head are hand made. Texture sheet, quilting embosser, mold, cutter, atc are used to make this cute decorations. Yellow color is made from the mix of lemon yellow and golden yellow food coloring. Blue color is made from little teal food coloring. More about food coloring: Check this out! My Food Coloring Collection!

Have a nice day!
Ivan.. :D

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Food Coloring Collection!

Hi! Hope you have a great day. Today is my last final exam, feel like a freedom for me.. hahaha..

Like what I promise you all, I will show you my food coloring collection. But, I always buy a new color when I need it. Example: I need hot pink color for my PINK Bow Cake!, so I always buy new food coloring to get desire color. Sometimes, I mix couple or more of my food coloring to get some new color, Example: to get Green color in my Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!, I mix green color with yellow color to get that beautiful green color.

I some project, like my Rainbow Cake and Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes, I using so many food coloring to get beautiful color. Make sure to not using cheap food coloring to get solid color. Cheap coloring is thinner in consistency, and It can change the consistency of your batter or buttercream and can be also change its taste to bitter. If your want to make pastel color, cheap coloring can be work. Cheap Coloring is not a bad food coloring. What I mean to say is Cheap Coloring has cheaper price, usually thinner consistency, and bad for coloring solid color.

This is my food coloring collection: :D
From Up Left- Right to Down: Food and flavoring color powder(Tan Seng Fong), Wilton's Candy Color, Wilton's Icing Color (Gell food colors), Trans' food color(Malaysia, I think:P), Hakiki food color(local), Toffieco Food Color(local), Diva food color (local, but good quality), Mc Cormick Food color(Give from my parent from USA), Americolor Food color(hot pink :D), Wilton's white-white, and a lot of Wilton's gell food color :D.

I like to use my Wilton's food coloring a lot. In Almost all solid color is get from Wilton color. For Chocolate Coloring, make sure to buy OIL BASED Food Color, or your chocolate will be unusable.
My chocolate coloring is Wilton's Candy color. I bought it online, because there is no local candy (chocolate) coloring in Indonesia. In front of candy coloring (at photo) is White food color. I'm using that to make my Vanilla Macarons whiter, is not really necessary, but, it make a little difference.
The Cheap Color group on the photo is include: Hakiki, Toffico, Trans and Mc Cormick.

Hope my post is helpful for all of you,.. see ya!
Ivan,.. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Mother's day, Mom..

Hi everybody! 2 weeks ago is mother day! And 2 weeks ago, my mom was sick, and should have a bed rest in the hospital. So, I decided to make a rainbow cake for my mother to make her (hopefully) happier. :D

Rainbow cake is a cake with thousand surprise! Rainbow cake is actually a white cake, divided, and colored. Good or best quality food color is make a big different. I'm using my wilton's gell food colors to make this bright and solid color, like in Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!

For the frosting, I'm using American frosting, that is made from eggs whites and hot syrup (water and sugar, boiled until 115 degree Celsius). Then, I piped using a regular round tip. Don't be to detail, they looks fantastic! :)
P.S.: Don't forget to put a wooden skewer in the middle of the cake! 

So, this is what they looks like:

Idea for you: :D
Last week, I found online some imported powder food flavoring. I think about using that food flavoring to flavor my macarons. But, I also think about using it to flavor up my rainbow cake. Isn't it sound fantastic? Each color of the cake has their own flavor. yuuummm! Unique!

Hope you love to read my post,,.. See ya!
Ivan.. ;D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cathar's Sweet 17th Cupcakes!

Hey everybody! I had 2 project in a week! Awesome! but, I'm so tired! :P

Today, I want to tell you about my cupcakes,.. It was really colorful, with solid color from Wilton Icing Color that I mixed in my buttercream. And for the letter, I'm using fondant with a little CMC powder (hardener), rolled, and cut using plugger and written down the message using brigitte (tool for stamping letters to fondant) and leaved alone for 1 day. For shinny looking (Fabulous!), I'm using pearl luster dust. I love it! Its works so nice and give a beautiful effect that I love! Shinny! B)
This is what they look like:

Love this Red Cherries! :9
What a beautiful color! Wilton colors always is the best choice to get a nice solid colors like that. I'll talk about my food color later,.. :D Updated: Check This Out! ;) My Food Coloring Collection!
Special Grape Cupcakes!
Grape color is using Wilton burgundy icing color with dust of Wilton's gold edible luster dust , leaf using Wilton Kelly Green and to vein the leaf, I'm using Ivy leaves Plunger. The cover part, I ALWAYS using a little bit of red color to get nice pink color, I'm not really love the pink color that made from pink food color, and texture it with texture mat.

That's all! Have a great weekend! :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Vanilla Collection!

hello everybody! Today, I'm going to share with you about my Vanilla!

Almost in every bake food that I made was using vanilla. What is Vanilla? Let's see:
Source: What is Vanilla
Vanilla was discovered by South American Indians long before the Spaniards conquered them in the 16th century and they used it to flavor chocolate.
The Spaniards conquistadors drank chocolate flavored with vanilla at the court of Moctezuma. The Spaniards took home the vanilla and chocolate with them and ever since that time it has been used to flavor confectionery, cakes, biscuits and ice cream.
They also gave the fruit its name: Vanilla – is the diminutive of “vaina” meaning pod.

Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla pods come from a tropical climbing orchid native to Mexico.
The plant bears pale green flowers capable of being pollinated only by a particular bee or a specific humming bird native to Mexico.
Vanilla pods are the unripe yellow pods of this exotic orchid and they are sweated in barrels before being sun-dried and graded.
Highly aromatic vanilla is used in perfumery and for scenting tobacco.

Okey, Let's see what I have:
Left: Vanilla Extract, Front: Vanilla Crystal and Powder, Right: Vanilla Pods Local and Import
It was awsome! Local and import product has an unique flavor and aroma! My Favorite vanilla is my Local Vanilla Pods, I bought it online! It was fat and full of vanilla caviar! My other vanilla is great too,.. Buy good quality or standard vanilla, because it will totally change your baking goodness.. :D
Vanilla Extract in my country is rare, so when I go to other country, like USA, I always buy some vanilla extract beside buying baking things. :P

For my lovely Vanilla Pods, you can get it here


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arvian 14th Anniversary Project!

Wooowww! I'm so tired! What a busy day! My legs and body was hurt, and I want to sleep! hahaha, that exactly what I felt yesterday. I had this order, and I done it in 6 hour! fuuiihh! Almost nonstop!

Okey, today I want to tell you about my first experience of making cake pops. You know on my last post, my parents brought me couple cake pops that realy cute? (Welcome Home Mom an Daddy) They are so cute! It inspiring me to make this cake pops.. :)

My first batch was good. In Indonesia, candy melt are not available, so I'm using White candy Coating in place of candy melt. First thing  that you shouldn't do is using regular food coloring! It destroy everything! The chocolate was crumble and nothing that you can do besides throw it away.. I'm using Wilton candy color that is oil based coloring. Its work so nice and perfect, and it doesn't change their consistency.

For you that really busy, and want to make cake pops, PLEASE buy Cake Mix (in supermarket,etc). They work so nicely. But, you should made you own frosting! I'm using Chocolate devils cake and my Favorite Chocolate Ganache, it blend and made this super chocolaty taste :9

Great! Now, I will show you my last order that bring me so tired,.. This is what they look like:
 What do you think? And this one is the creativity of my sister:

Hope you enjoy it,,
Ivan.. :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

Christmas @ Jakarta!

hello everybody! I'm very tired! Macarons order from my friends makes me so hard working! I happy because they love it. Last week I had Macarons order, and cupcakes order. For this week, I have cupcakes order, Red velvet cake order, and alot of sweet bucket for Arvian's 14th Anniversary (Arvian is one of my favorite Baking and Decorating supply Shop in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia). My Friend order it for arvian. What a big surprise!  Every Bucket is different, there is macarons (french), Cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes! They all in Garden themes! How cute is that? yes, and I should make them all day! haha

Okey,.. Today I want to tell you about my last Christmas in Jakarta! You know what? I bake alot of cupcakes and bring them and my tools (Wilton color, tools, tappits, cutter, fondant, etc). Don't you think I'm crazy? hahaha. Then I decorate them on my Daddy's new apartment, the apartment is sooo cool, Modern, and good looking. My parent is good on designing. My mom has a good sense of decorations.
Back to Jakarta,.. :D I warm up a litte bit on microwave my cupcakes that have been out from fridge, then I start stiring my frozen buttercream (everything FROZEN ! hahaha), then, using my offset spatula, I start frosting the cupcakes lightly. Then I roll out my fondant using my texture mat, cutter, tools and else to making Christmas theme Cupcakes. 

This is what they looks like..  

See you later!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Parent's 20th Wedding Anniversary! (2011)

Hello again!.. Today I try to make cake pops, and they come out really good.. I will make a post about my cake pops later, oke? :D

Okey, today I want to tell you about my Project.. Actually this project is my first project (hehe, I'm sorry!). I made this for my parent's anniversary. I was so excited until I forgot my parent's anniversary. I prepare all things to made this project on my final test week on my school, because I thought it will be on that month, but I'm totally wrong! My parent's anniversary is on the next month. oh my GOD! I'm so stupid! Bdw, this is what they looks like,,.. :)
I made them all helped by servants. The box part is handmade, kinda scrabbook.. :D And the cupcake Pop up, I designed by my self. Pretty easy, simple design. All of these was inspired by Moulin Rouge and Marilyn Monroe , these two are so awsome! For the cupcake, I using red velvet recipe and decorate with fondant and cute lips decorations.

Red velvet is kind of cake that have really beautiful red color with usually cream cheese frosting.
The traditional recipe was using beet as their red color, but now, people (and me) are using food coloring to get deep red color. Red velvet is undescripable flavor. There it a little bit chocolate taste in there. You should try sometimes.

This is what I made for my lovely customers.. :D
Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream cheese frosting! :9

Fact about Red Velvet,
..., Long ago, a women ate “red velvet cake’ in a restaurant and she liked it very much. She asked for the recipe and the restaurant promptly sent the recipe to her. She got furious when she received the recipe that she asked for; do you know why? She was charged $100 for asking this recipe. You know what she did? She sent this recipe as chain mail to hundreds and thousands of people she knew as revenge. Ha ha ha…
 Copied from

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!
Bye2! :*
Ivan,.. :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fresh Strawberry and Cream Cheese!

I don't know why, when I made draft of this post for post it tomorrow, Its gone, because I post it using my Blackberry or iPad.. Don't even try this! Its wasting my time! okey, bdw, I rewrite this post just for all of you, I still want to hear your cooment about my post.. :D

Hey! What do you think if you imagine there is strawberry and cream cheese? yes ! Its Strawberry Cheese Cake! A couple week ago, I made this beautiful cheesecake with my friends, Jeffry and Echa. Jeffry is my friend since in Primary School. His is funny, with his funny face, Funny jokes, and everything Funny for him. And Echa is my Friend that love to cook like me.. (give me 5 Echa! haha:D)

Okey, This is what we made..

We made the crust from crushing Marie Biscuit (available in Indonesia, but you can also use another biscuit or cracker like Graham Cracker) mixed with sugar and melted butter ( don't use margarine! trust me! ;) ). We packed them up to oiled springform pan, chilled then bake it for about 10 minutes for give a better aroma and taste. For the filling, we use FULL FAT cream cheese (don't use light! it will change their consistency, it will come out runny!) mixed with Lemon vanilla sugar (I will talk about it later, ok? ;) ), eggs, Vanilla Caviar (seeds of Vanilla bean) and lemon. It bake about 45-60 minutes. And for the topping, We put medium size fresh strawberry on the cooled cheesecake, then pour over the strawberry glaze. For making the strawberry glaze, We crushed fresh strawberry, then mix it with some water, sugar and Corn starch, then bring it to boil with stirring constantly. Pretty easy huh? hahaha :D.. We had a great time baking together..

What do I do for crushing this biscuit or cracker? I used my new food processor that I bought my self after I had enough money (actually, I bought this food processor as a give for me, because I want to appreciate my hard work on some birthday project, Thanks God.. :D). Its help a lot, just dump it all in the food processor, and pulse, pulse, and pulse! Yey! Done! haha.. But, of couse you can put it in plastic bag or zip lock bag, and use your rolling pin to crush them up.. :)

See ya!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My First Project! On August 2011..

Yey! Hi everybody! There is still nobody comment on my post, beside my friend, Audria that have a beautiful fashion blogspot.. I love to hear what all of you think about my post.. :D I love to hear everything! ;)
Okey, today I want to tell you about my First Project about 1 year ago (8 month ago actually, :P).
My first project is my little Cousin (girl) Princess Birthday. She is really girlish. She said, she want to be a Princess when she older (hahaha! :D). Yeah, its okey, and her mom (my auntie) ordered for Simple Cupcakes for giveaway on her daughter Birthday besides giving them souvenirs.

She ordered Vanilla Cupcake with simple topping and decoration. I made simple cake that only basic ingredient (butter or magarine (preferably butter), sugar, eggs, and flour (self raising)) mixed with colourful jimmies topped with colored Swiss Meringue Frosting that I piped on the cupcakes using big star tip, then for a little decorations, I made some flower using fondant.
look how smooth it is!

Then I put them on my beautiful cupcakes tier that have been decorate with clay flowers and cute princess figurine.

That's all, She love it. I know, looks at that little princess, they are so cute!

Fact about egg!
  • China produces the most eggs, at about 160 billion per year. In the US, about 65 billion eggs per year. 
  • A hen can lay about 250 eggs per year. 
  • There are 150 species of chicken. A rooster is a male, a hen is a female, and they are both chickens.
  •  Eggs usually can last six to 8 weeks if refrigerated. To find out if eggs are bad, you can always use the "float" test. If they float in salt water, they are bad, or crack one open and the smell will tell.
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Have a great day!