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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Batik Cake for my Grandpa!

Hi everybody! Today, I want to tell you about my Batik Cake that I dedicated to my Grandpa.. :3
In my Chinese culture, I usually call my grandpa with "Akong" (Cultural way to call grandpa). My Grandpa is a really nice man, love children, kind and care. My Grandpa is a Batik Seller. Do you know what Batik is? Batik is an Indonesian art of decorating cloth, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. Check This out for more Information about Batik! ;)  What is Batik?

Back to my Grandpa,.. :) Because of his passion and expertness to Batik, I decided to made Batik Cake for my Grandpa. Mmmm, quite difficult. But I made it! The pattern ideas are from my bestfriend, GOOGLE. :P
The idea!
This is what I made: :D

Blue Color is made from teal color, light and dark. I'm using Wilton gel color. Texture on text are made using Makin's Texture mat. Batik shapes are made using W&W brand decoration cutter that available in my country (Indonesia).
Cattleya Orchid Cutter
Thats all! Hope you like it Akong and wish you have a long life with full prosperity and happiness!. :]

BIG hugs,
Ivan.. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

SpongeBob SquarePants Cake!

Weeeewwwww! Long time no see! Couple weeks ago, I had an awesome holidays @ Jakarta then Superteen Camp at Tretes (east Java). In Jakarta, I bought 2 bottle of luster dust, tools, decorations, etc! Yeyy! On the Superteen Camp, I learn to be a successful person and stuffs. :D And, Today, I making SpongeBob Square Circle Cake! WITH Moustache ! :D

This funny cake is ordered by BeatriceNathania for Nadya, her friend. She wondered if I can combined between SpongBob and Moustache, and I think it was a great funny IDEA! :P Then, I got an idea from Google and I edited for my guide to work later.
Edited.. :)

After that, I printed moustache vector, and cut it for my guide to make the moustache on the black fondant.

This is what they look like: :D

SpongeBob Yellow color was made from the mix of lemon and golden yellow with ratio about 3:1. :D 
P.S. Just make sure to put the nose using wooden skewer. :P

Hope you like it Nadya! And Wish you have a blessed day on your Birthday! :]

BIG Smile,
Ivan.. :D