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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cake Pops! Cake on a Stick..

Hi everyone! Today I made cookie monster cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes.. Plus, I made Matroska Cake pop.. :D Do you know what is matroska? Matroska is Russian doll. And, since I promise to share about cake pops, lets talk about Cake Pops!

Do you remember in Welcome home MOM and DADDY.. :D , my mom brought me a pair of cake pops from USA? It was a trend in USA since 2012. But not in Indonesia. After my mom bought me a cake pops book from Bakerella, the founder of cake pops, I was inspired. So in 2013, I started making cake pops for making a new trends in Indonesia. Inspired by POPBakery in UK, I made several design of Painted Cake pops. Yes! All HAND PAINTED and using edible paint for food.
Hand Painted, inspired by POPBakery
Hand Painted
My own design : Tiger print Cake Pops ; Packing of Cake Pops
Do you know what is cake pops?? Cake pop is cake, crumbled, mixed with frosting, then formed into balls or other shapes, and dipped into melted chocolate. Cake pops that I made are in 2 flavor right now, Vanilla and Chocolate Rum. For vanilla, I'm using vanilla buttercream and for chocolate rum, I'm using chocolate ganache and real Jamaica rum :9. My favorite in chocolate rum, even my friend at school was addicted because of the rum.. (LOL:P) For the chocolate coating, I'm using white chocolate, dark chocolate, or colored and flavored chocolate. Since there isn't any Candy Coating like in US, to thin up the chocolate, don't use shortening because shortening made the chocolate kinda soft that make oily stain in the plastic packaging. In Indonesia, specially in Surabaya, there are coating fat that act much better than shortening. It does make the chocolate thin, but hard like original. In addition to colored chocolate, sometimes I do like to have stronger or deeper color, and what I use is Wilton candy color and Colatta candy color (Colatta is Good brand of Indonesian cooking chocolate), both of them are oil based, and you must use OIL based food color.

Owl Cake pops was my first success cake pops.. and its turned out great! The eyes was hand made using dried royal icing and the nose is using mini M&M.
Secret in the size of my cake pops is: I'm using mini ice cream scoop to divide the cake evenly, each ball weighted about 20 grams. For Matroska, the head is about 10 grams and the body is 20 grams..

Cake pops is a unique way to deliver the sweetness in life.. :D :P
"...because everything is cuter on a stick...", said Bakerella, founder of cake pops.. I'm totally agree! :):)

Ivan :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ombre, New Trend in Cake World..

Hi everyone! Today, I took my report for the first quarter in this second semester. The result was pretty good, nothing below 80 :). So, since today was no class, I'm going to tell you about Ombre.. :D

Many people didn't know what Ombre is. And Ombre is the new trend after Rainbow, since now many people (especially adults) are scared to the Bright color of rainbow (now I made Pastel colors rainbow that are prettier :P). So, What is Ombre?
Ombre is gradation of color. It can be from darker color to light color and from one color to range of color. For examples, from dark blue to light blue (or white) and from dark pink to ivory. Ombre made everything unique and modern.

Learn more about tools and colors.. Engagement Ombre Cake!  

What do you thing about Ombre? You can also dye the cake with food coloring with different drops of food coloring to make ombre cake, or simply decorate your favorite cake with ombre dyed butter cream or fondant.. Yes, it is time consuming, you many more bowl for dying the butter cream or you need to kneed the fondant with many color, but the result is worth it!

For my Ombre Modern Cake, I used Navy Blue with different amount of food coloring in each stage. For the Ombre Ruffle Cake, I used Holiday red and the mix of Yellow and Ivory.

That's it! See you later and I think in the next post, I will show you my POPS! My obsession for now.. :D:P
Ivan :)