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Friday, August 10, 2012

Strawberry and Blueberry Cake Give away!

Fuihh! What a busy month! Hello everybody! :D Today, I want to share with you about my Aunt's order to celebrate her birthday by giving each of his friend this elegant mini cake.. :)

Beautiful right?
The cake base is using rainbow cake but only red and purple colored and tasted (using strawberry and blueberry flavoring powder). On top frosting is Classic American frosting, that made from whisking (using mixer) hot syrup (from sugar and water) and stiff whisked egg whites. If you want to made this frosting, you should have candy termometer, and standing mixer with steel bowl, like my kitchen aid :P If you don't have these, you will end up with melted frosting over your cakes! This frosting is really nice and keep in mind, DON'T REFRIGERATED! The frosting will be melt too. So, Don't combine cream cheese frosting for filling and american frosting for covering and decorating.  

For the fence, I'm using mini wafer stick. The elegant efeect on the top of the cake is using malaysian decorating color powder (Tan Sen Fong brand) Pic: My Food Coloring Collection!(4 tall bottle on the back)
It's quite fun to decorated with this malaysian product. Simple, just pour the powder in the middle of the cake, than spin the lazy susan (rotating decorating table), at the same time blow the powder to the side. This process really created a beautiful effect on the cake.

Okey, see you later.. :P Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tired face,
Ivan.. :)