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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dentist Cake for Edo!

Soo busy week. I'm so tired.. >.< And I have a lot of job to do.. And I have a short time to do it.. hahaha.. By the way, today is my first baking course! I teach my participant from bake to decorate cupcakes! I will post about it later..

Who is Edo? Edo my Friend's Friend.. I don't know him,.. But, his friend, Cheryl Gunawan who has a blogspot at de toute beaute, text me, and ask to order a birthday cake. She said, the birthday boy(15 years old) want to be a dentist when he grown up. So She like to order Dentist themed cake. After searching on the internet for a while, I got an idea,.. From that, I change few thing, and make it even more fancy and detail.. :D

This is what they looks like ;)

What do you think? :P
Happy Birthday embross is made using fmm scrip embrosser, texture for tongue is made using makin's texture mat. Tooth, toothpaste, and tools are Hand Made.

Edo, if you read this post, I hope you loved my cake, and I wish you to be a GOOD Dentist! :D

Ivan.. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

David Kirby Birthday Cupcakes!

Hello everybody! I'm super bored. Everyday what I do is wake up, eat, watching TV, and sleep. Maybe, the best thing to do is make a post here.. :P
This week a have an order, and it was so cute! It refers to fondant decorated cake. I will post about it later.. :D

Last year, on November 16, my little Brother (cousin) name David was 7. He love to play games, in his Nintendo DS, Ipad, etc. Last year, He addicted to Kirby. Kirby is an old game that have been renew on Nintendo DS game. Kirby is like a pink ball that can walk, run, jump, float, slide, and inhale, spit out, or devour his enemies.
So, on his birthday, he want to have cupcakes with Kirby on it. Her mom, my Aunty, agreed. And my Aunty ordered from me.

On several idea from internet, I didn't get any idea how can I made kirby on the cupcakes. Then, I did my first experiment on the cupcakes, and BOO! Yes I can.. ;) But, the reason is, I can find any smooth half ball mold on my country, that I found is like wrinkly one, but its made a cute Kirby, I think.. :P

This is what they looks like:

Cute? hahaha.. Tools for made this Kirby deco is flower and star plugger, Makin's Texture mat (Best!), Brigitte keks (for making small letter like "DAVID" on the cupcakes), cookie and decorating cutter, and rotary tool (I don't know what its called, but it used for make a stitch look on "DAVID" label on the cupcakes), etc. Labels are designed by me. Simple design and great on the packaging!
The cake is dummy cake. I made it using homemade clay. Its great but can shrink. After that, I spray it using clear pilox (spray paint) to make it glossy looking. 

Hope you love my post and see ya!
Ivan.. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shannon Minnie Birthday Cupcakes!

Hi! What a beautiful day.. And I want to tell you about my little cousin (girl) birthday on 12 March 2012. She is 6 now, and her name is Shannon. She is pretty and talkative. Then, Why she choose Minnie? She said her teacher often call her as Minnie so do her friends in school. So, she decided to be a Minnie and would love to have a Minnie cake and cupcakes for her birthday. Her mom, my aunty, ordered Minnie theme cake (dummy) and cupcakes from me, and this is the 2nd time she made an order with me after her son Kirby Birthday Cupcakes (I'll post it another time;)) updated on 16 November 2011.
"Minnie" Shannon, her friends and Minnie cake and cupcakes!
Look! Minnie or Minnie? :P
Lets look closer to the cake and cupcakes!

 Cute right? Minnie and Mickey's head are hand made. Texture sheet, quilting embosser, mold, cutter, atc are used to make this cute decorations. Yellow color is made from the mix of lemon yellow and golden yellow food coloring. Blue color is made from little teal food coloring. More about food coloring: Check this out! My Food Coloring Collection!

Have a nice day!
Ivan.. :D